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twins_rp's Journal

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Weiss Kreuz RP
This is my first LJ role play. Though I have RPed plenty of times before. It has been almost two years since I've been into Weiss, and almost just as long since I've been in a serious RP.

Also, if you'd like to make a "Doll" of the character you wish to play. I will be posting them here.

Here is Omi and Mamoru.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Summary: It's been ten years since Omi was first kidnapped. And in those ten years he has remembered next to nothing about his life as 'Mamoru Takatori'. Maybe that's because he never WAS Mamoru Takatori. Not liking the fact that his wife had cheated on him in the first place, Reiji Takatori hid the existence of Omi, but had been unsuccessful in hiding his twin brother Mamoru. Now ten years later, the brothers are reunited. Will Weiss accept Mamoru? Or will Omi be forced to hide his biggest secret from the only family member he has left? (dunno! Let's RP this thing and find out! ^-^)

Now, just some rules. I may add to these later.
Okay, first if you are interested in joining the RP, you can contact me via Gaiaonline (Rolo-chan) email, (ChildOfTheMist77@aim.com) When you contact me please label the subject as Twins RP. Otherwise I will just end up deleting your message.

Second, I would like a sample of your RPing skills using the character you are applying for.

Third, if you cannot get along with EVERYONE in the RP you will be banned. If you have personal issues with someone in the RP please discuss them elsewhere. The RP is for FUN.

Fourth, well...okay I don't really have anything else to add. But make sure you DO read the first post because that will explain mostly what the RP is about. And give you a small sample of how *I* would RP.

Oh! And OC's ARE accepted. But they are limited as well. I will not have a Weiss Rp over run with OC's. So message me (gaia or email) and we will discuss it. And if you ARE going to apply for an OC position, I would like to know how your OC will be fitting into the RP.

And now! For Characters!

Aya: floristassassin
Ken: open
Yohji: yohjifk
Omi: Temped by Celtic_Kitsune


Crawford: Open
Schuldig: schuldigc
Nagi: Open
Farfarello: Open

Manx: Temped by Celtic_Kitsune
Persia: Celtic_Kitsune
Aya-chan: Open
Sakura: open

Original Characters (welcome but limited)

1:Taken (Mamoru Takatori) Celtic_Kitsune/MamoruTsukiyono
2:Taken Bio:
Name: Sen Sol'kov
Age: 16
Height: 5'7"
Nationality: Born in Japan but home nationality is Russian.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long, Black. Kept up in a braid or pigtails at times.
Sen's mother was originally from Russia; she was a beautiful smart business woman and had many dealings around the world with others from her company. This was how she met Sen's father; he became a long time client and then a bit more.

He eventually proposed to her mother and she moved from Russia to Japan. She began working with him at his company making deals and attending parties when he couldn't.

Soon though they had their first and only child, Sen. Growing up Sen was mostly left alone or in the care of her nanny. Her parents worked a lot but they made time for her when they could especially when she was getting awards at school for high marks.

Sen was taught early on that she had to earn the things she wanted in life just as her mother and father had so not only did she earn them by doing chores but she also earned them by excelling in school.

Sen though had a secret that she was trying to hide from everyone.

One night while alone after school she had knocked over the vase and as soon as she was bracing for the crash she heard nothing. The vase had stopped in mid air just floating there...waiting for her to pick it up and put it back on its pedestal. After that Sen had a hard time keeping it under control once she discovered she had been the one to do that. She found it most difficult in school when she was under the stress of a test or paying attention.
How my character would fit into the Rp: Because of Sen's powers and her trying to hide them could make her a target if not careful and can be involved in the plot wherever necessary or just interacting with the others once she's 'discovered'.